DPS Thurgood Sports Network Pricing:

  • $9.99 USD / 24hr Game Pass Use one-time charge only (For Personal Use)
  • $20.00 USD / 7 Day Use one-time charge only (For Personal Use)
  • $75.00 USD / Winter Sports pass Use one-time charge only (For Personal Use)

We will be covering basketball girls and boys home games and some away games for the other schools we cover, Also wrestling along with special events in swimming, cheer, gymnastics, and some middle school programs yet to be scheduled.

A Winter Sports pass and the weekly pass will cover all the events we cover for DPS Schools. We will have a price for just one game or our special events if you only want to get the one game and not the whole season or a week, but it will be between 9.99 to 14.99 for each event


For programs canceled after the season starts but before 10 FEB, a refund will be given to the customer that will be prorated by the amount paid divide by 6 weeks you will be charged for the weeks that the season was played a week is Mon-Sun. If the date is after the 10 February, there is no refund.

A customer may choose a 7-day pass there is no refund for this pass it’s a week pass and we have sports every day for you to view the best time to buy your 7-day pass would be on a Monday. This will get you the  weeks of games and the weekend to re-watch any of the week’s sports on demand.

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