Best way to view TKDS Sports Network

Tips To Make Your TKDS Sports Network Viewing Experience Easy And Enjoyable!

Let's begin by dealing with the elephant in the room - the internet and your connection to it.  It's the primary factor in how well your viewing experience of our content will go.  If you have a good, solid 4G, DSL or Cable Modem internet connection on your device, mobile or desktop, you should have no issues enjoying our content.

If you have a poor internet or wi-fi connection, your video will likely "buffer", frequently starting and stopping.  Unfortunately, there is little you can do other than refresh your connection and there is nothing we can do for you.

We recommend Google Chrome as our browser of choice to provide the greatest ease of viewing and security.  While other browsers are known to work with our streams, we only support issues as they relate to use with Chrome.

Currently, TKDS Sports Network's 24/7 Channel stream is delivered with industry-leading adaptive bitrate technology, meaning it adjusts to your device's quality of available internet signal.  Our stream will ramp down to 480p for slower internet connections and adjust all the way up to our full 1080 HD signal.  This provides you with the most stable viewing experience without buffering.

Since most devices are set to automatically select the best feed for your type of connection, you generally don't have to do anything but watch and enjoy!

TKDS Sports video streams work best on both iOS and Android devices automatically.  Regardless of your device,  to begin viewing our live 24/7 Channel download the APP

Watching TKDS Sports Network On Your Roku 

The TKDS Sports Network 24/7 Channel has recently been updated and is now available as a  channel on Roku. Just open your Main Menu and search for TKDS Sports.  Once you've found it, add it to your channel list and you're all set.

Select the TKDS Sports Network Channel from your menu and enjoy the show!

TKDS Sports Network provides over 10  live channel feeds on our Roku, iOS, and Android platforms, plus we have multiple Video On Demand options you can select to view past events.

For live events in HD, especially on large screen televisions, select the TKDS Sports Network 24/7 Channel.

Our channels at times it may be used to provide alternative programming when we have conflicting events.  Consult our website or social media platforms for that information.


Download our APP for iOS, and Android if your using a phone or tablet to view your games

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